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Tips For Choosing The Best Paint Colour For Your Home

There’s a lot more that goes into painting your home than picking up a brush or roller and applying paint. According to the experts at Painters Stellenbosch, you need to consider things like the weather, the quality of primer and paint and also picking the right shade. Making a mistake when picking paint colour can be a costly one, thus doing your homework beforehand can save you time and money.

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your home or office, there are several things to keep in mind.

Don’t choose a colour that’s too dark

While dark colours can add boldness to a dull room, it can be detrimental if there isn’t enough natural light in the room. If your room is small, using a dark colour will do more harm than good since it will make the room appear even smaller. The only time it is acceptable to use dark shades, is if you are painting a big area with ample natural light.

Opting for white doesn’t always work

Just as dark colours can make a room look depressing, using white can have the same effect, especially if used in a darker space. Again, natural light is key – if your room has plenty of natural light, white will look excellent. To be on the safe side, using a mid-tone will enhance the mood of a darker space.

Steer clear of too many bright tones

It’s true that a dash of vibrant colours can brighten up a room but be careful not to overdo it. Intense bright colours can have a negative effect on the dimensions, lighting and decor of your room. Especially in a smaller, dark room.

Keep up with the trends but make sure you actually like the colour

Trends change all the time and if you pick a colour just to be trendy, you will regret it. Keep in mind that it’s your personal space and you need to be comfortable using it long after the colour is out of fashion. Instead of trying to be cool, consider your style and preferences and stick to the guidelines of interior design.

Paint Colour Can Also Affect Your Mood

Picking the right shade of paint doesn’t only affect how the room looks but also how it affects your thoughts and emotions. If you like the idea of using colour to enhance the mood in your home, choose a colour based on the function of each room. While there isn’t any scientific proof, the colours below are thought to function best in every room of your home.

Living room and entrance hall

Earthy colours like beige and brown work well in these areas as well as warm tones such as orange and yellow. These colours are believed to encourage conversation, making it an excellent choice for these specific areas.


Colours such as green, blue and lavender are believed to have a calming effect and since the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, it’s a perfect choice. While it’s believed that the darker the shade, the better the effect, make sure your space is big or have enough natural light before painting it too dark.


While white was always considered the best option for bathrooms due to conveying a message of cleanliness, it’s no longer the colour of choice. Lately, the bathroom has become more an escape for revitalisation rather than just a place to cleanse your body. Thus, shades of blue and greens are preferred to enhance a sense of freshness.

Home Office

Working from home has become quite popular in recent years and while it’s possible to work anywhere from your bed to your couch, having a dedicated space ensures more productivity. Green is considered to be the colour of concentration and thus works well with your office space. Also, make sure to include some plants for to enhance the effect.

Choosing a paint colour is a very personal decision since you are the one that has to live with your choice. Make sure to choose a colour that suits your personality and lifestyle. Hopefully, the guidelines mentioned above can help you avoid making mistakes when choosing a paint colour for your home.