Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

Not everyone can afford to rip out their old kitchen and replace it with a brand new version. So what can you do if your kitchen has seen better days but a lack of funds is holding you back?

If the carcasses are in good order then just replacing the doors and drawer fronts may be a good choice. They can be removed and the new ones fit in a fraction of the www.Delta Bridge       time that it would take to replace the whole units. In fact, even if you aren’t much good at DIY then this is a job that even a novice could easily do. Just make sure you have a good quality screwdriver that won’t damage the screws when inserting to make the job easier. CK Tools do several versions which would be ideal for the job and being safety screwdrivers, they are ideal for electrical work as well.

Of course when you’ve got your new doors in place then the work tops will almost certainly look out-dated so you may want to consider replacing those as well. Cutting out to take a sink or hob may be something you don’t feel confident about but if you make a template before you start then it shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If it’s something you’d rather not tackle then your work top supplier may be able to do it for you instead.

You may also want to consider updating your lighting at the same time. Fitting a fluorescent under cabinet light fitting will make a huge difference to the way your new kitchen looks and is quite a simple job to do. They don’t need fitting by a professional and can be plugged into an existing socket nearby but will transform the look of your new space.